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Step 1 - Adjust the string


Everyone’s hand is a different size, and therefore everyone’s palm is a different width. For best results, adjust the length of the string before you learn how to use your Kashaka.


If you are right handed, start with your right hand. For left handed people, begin with your left. Place the string between your index and middle finger, and put one ball in your palm. (Image #1)

Image # 1

Take the other ball and wrap the string around the back of your 3 fingers and place this ball in you palm, and hold it in place with your ring and pinkie fingers. The two balls should be able to touch.


Now try to fit 2 to 3 fingers from your other hand into the space between the rope and the back of your fingers (Image #2). By loosening the knots on either end of the string, you can lengthen or shorten the string to the desired length.


Image # 2

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