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The Funky Facts:

  • A Kashaka is a must-have impulse buy for all percussion fans, and a great gift idea for musicians or anyone who wants to improve their rhythm, ambidexterity, coordination or hand independence. 
  • Kashakas are perfect for music stores, toy stores, funky gift shops, African stores, imported-goods stores, environmental and health-food shops with toy sections, and stores that cater to women (our best customers).
  • First time orders will receive a free Kashaka to let staff and customers try it out!
  • All retailers receive a free demo video that will blow away their customers!


Priced to Move (in US$):

  • Suggested Retail Price: $12.99.
  • Generous volume discounts begin with the minimum order of only:
    • 1 Box of 12 Kashakas.
  • A great instructional Kashaka Video is also available.

Delight your customers with this cool and funky rhythm toy from West Africa. Both the authentic ethnic African Kashaka and the high-quality plastic Kashaka will appeal to different customers for several reasons.

  • Kashakas are not only great rhythm instruments, they are also fun musical toys and educational and developmental tools as well:
  • Kashakas improve your rhythm, your ambidexterity and your coordination.
  • Kashakas are fun, funky and constantly challenging.
  • Kashakas are far more versatile than any other shaker or even any drum on the market today. You can create more varied and complex rhythms with two Kashakas than you can with any shaker or drum.

All of your customers and employees can master Kashakas by visiting our website:

  • It's free of charge, and we never close.
  • We have audio clips, slow-motion video clips and animation to make it easy to learn.
  • We'll keep putting new moves up on the site, just as fast as we learn them and film them, to motivate people to come back and learn new moves.
  • We have a great video blog of popular YouTube videos, and a Facebook Group with the latest news, photos and videos from around the world.

Increase foot traffic into your store:

  • We'll put your store on our website, complete with instructions on how to get there, in the store locator section.
  • That means that anyone who live in your community who hears about Kashakas will be able to find out that you are selling them.
  • Most people still prefer to support local merchants, as shopping on-line is still perceived to be risky and expensive (with all of the shipping and handling fees).

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